Downtown Sherman NOW is a non-profit, board-administered organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the central business district. The vision of Downtown Sherman NOW is a lively downtown that celebrates local entrepreneurship, engages residents and visitors alike in culture and arts, while preserving our rich history. The mission of Downtown Sherman NOW is to work with community members to preserve, enrich, and promote our historic downtown while encouraging local spending and tourism to improve our local economy.

Specifically Downtown Sherman NOW tries to:

  • Preserve the architectural character of the neighborhood and implement forward edge urban design principles, acting as a planning agent to develop public/private partnerships for neighborhood improvements;
  • Market the downtown neighborhood, its activities, resources, and amenities to the residents of Sherman, the surrounding area, business leaders, and the development community at large;
  • Develop the economy of the neighborhood by supporting existing businesses and attracting new businesses, and
  • Program events downtown, including events for visitors and guests as well as professional development programs and public service programs.

The organization is run entirely by volunteer efforts and membership dues and does not receive any financial contributions from the municipal budget.

DSN Member Luncheons are the first Tuesday of each month at noon at Sherman Public Library, 421 N. Travis Street. Join us and participate in promoting and improving our downtown neighborhood. There are many activities, committees, and volunteer opportunities. Meet our 2024 Board of Directors